About Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology

The Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology is one of the oldest faculties at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, with a tradition of over 75 years of teaching and research activities. The mission of the Faculty is to educate students at the highest level on the basis of the latest scientific achievements of fundamental and applicational nature, shaping graduates ready to meet the requirements of the contemporary labour market and to participate in social and civilisational changes while maintaining an attitude of social responsibility and professional ethics.

Within the Faculty there is one research institute, the Institute of Biological Sciences, which supervises scientific research. Supervision of the educational process is performed by the Faculty authorities.

In the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology and the Institute of Biological Sciences function the following Departments:

and specialised laboratories:

The Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology provides education at the first and second degree full-time studies of general academic profile in two majors: biology and biotechnology, within which students can choose several specialities. Additionally, we offer two Bachelor of Science and one Master of Science programmes in English: BSc Medical Biology, BSc Sustainability Management, and MSc Molecular Biology.