Student Scientific Club of Biotechnologists “Mikron”

Student Scientific Club of Biotechnologists “Mikron”

The Student Scientific Club of Biotechnologists “Mikron” was established in 1988 and has been active at the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology since then. The Club brings together primarily students of Biotechnology but is open to all students interested in this field. The aim of the Club is to explore biotechnological processes used in industry and the latest techniques and research methods applied in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology. Another goal is to integrate the academic community.

To this end, the Club members organise open seminars conducted by students or invited guests, participate in inter-faculty, nationwide, and international scientific conferences, run workshops for teenagers, organise trips to biotechnology companies and scientific institutions (e.g. the State Veterinary Institute in Puławy), and participate in research projects conducted in the laboratories of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology.

As part of the Club activities, the implementation of research projects has focused on microorganisms that are resistant to high concentrations of Pb, sulphur bacteria, investigations of the heat shock protein (HSP) profile under oxidative stress, analyses of the metabolism of Pleurotus fungi in oxidative stress conditions, investigation of the effect of Dendrobaena veneta celomic fluid on bacterial, fungal, and neoplastic cells, and determination of the effect of fungal preparations on heavy metal stress in plants.

An ongoing and widely popular activity is the “Non-industrial beer production” project. It is intended to present the brewing technique and integrate the Club members. As part of the integration and development of scientific competences, the members of the Club attend both stationary and remote seminars with invited guests, which are held at UMCS and in other research centres.

The members of the Club also help in organising promotional and science popularisation events, e.g. Biologists’ Night, UMCS Open Doors, and Lublin Science Festival.

Main goals and tasks of the Club

  • stimulation of students’ scientific passions
  • development of interest as well as exploration and extension of knowledge of biochemistry and biotechnology
  • promotion of the University and the academic achievements of students through attendance in various nationwide and foreign scientific seminars
  • achievement of public speaking skills (presentation of research results, overcoming stage fright, moderation of discussions, acceptance of constructive criticism), which can be helpful in e.g. undergraduate and graduate seminars
  • annual organisation of a nationwide seminar
  • research beyond the standard scope of the study program
  • acquisition of skills of designing experiments and preparation of research results for publication
  • integration of students of different study years, friendship, and mutual help (at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology and other universities)

Major organisational achievements of the “Mikron” Club

  • organisation of Nationwide and International Seminars for Biotechnology Students
  • co-organisation of the Nationwide Workshop “DNA - Encyclopaedia of Life”
  • co-organisation of the Lublin Congress of Student Scientific Clubs - Tygiel
  • participation in the organisation of UMCS Open Doors
  • involvement of the Club members in the Program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation “PROJECTOR - student voluntary service” at the Primary School in Golice
  • organisation of biochemical workshops for students of Junior High School in Borzechów
  • participation in annual Nationwide Academic Seminars of Biotechnology Students and International Conferences of Biotechnology Students in Kraków
  • organisation of the Biotechnologists’ Ball 

Club location:

Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, UMCS
Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
19 Akademicka St., room 147 B (first floor)
20-033 Lublin


Club supervisor:

dr hab. Magdalena Jaszek, prof. UMCS