„My name is Mari and I’m a 1st year student of Medical Biology at UMCS. I enjoy my time here, because every day I can improve myself and grow. About half of our study is practice, which prepares students for future work. Also in the University and Faculty itself there is really vibrant student life. I constantly have opportunities to participate in different cultural and just entertaining events.”​ (Mariia, Ukraine)

„When I found the Medical Biology program I immediately knew it was the best thing for me. I could never have imagined how welcoming the community here is and how much I would love and enjoy the classes. Every subject I take is important to my field and I truly believe this education will give me endless opportunities in my future career as well as priceless cultural experiences.” (Kalli, USA)

You see, I'm smiling here. But it's not because of the UMCS. I just love doing dorky pictures. Still, the uni also had its share of putting a smile on my face. There's such a broad course curriculum that you really don't have to worry about deciding what you want to pursue later on. You can try a bit of everything. UMCS really helped me develop my interests in Botany, Evolution, and Neuroscience. The grass I'm looking at in the picture really comes to life when you realize just how complex of an organism it is, and its place on the evolutionary tree, and how my brain processes all of this information. I later decided to switch to Science Writing as my career direction, and UMCS was a great training ground for that. I didn't have Science Writing as a course, but I had the freedom to try myself at everything and uncover what I'm truly passionate about.”​ (Mykyta, Ukraine)

„At UMCS I found people who can challenge and inspire me to develop my interest and explore new ideas and make discoveries (…) I am convinced that the advanced skills that I am acquiring from my study at UMCS will equip me to get closer to my dreams.”​ (Kavindi, Sri Lanka)

Meet Sean Magavu, a graduate of Medical Biology at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and winner of the Cranes Award for his outstanding contribution to the development of creative arts in Lublin. Sean shared with us his perspective on his time spent at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, as well as on the creative scene of Lublin – City of Culture.