Vice Dean for Student Affairs

Coordinator of Medical Biology

and Molecular Biology

dr hab. prof. UMCS Małgorzata Wójcik

Phone number: +48 81 5375064, e-mail: 





Student services in the Dean’s Office

Mrs. Aleksandra Brzozowska

Office: Monday-Thursday 10:00-14:00, Room No. 57B

Phone number: 81 537 52 15, e-mail:

Medical Biology Supervisor

Dr Kamila Kupisz

Department of Plant Physiology and Biophysics, Room No. 0135B

Phone number: +48 81 537 59 55, e-mail: 





Molecular Biology Supervisor

 dr Anna Rysiak

Dr Anna Rysiak

Department of Botany, Mycology and Ecology, Room No. 159B

Phone numer: +48 81 537 50 14


Psychological suport

Mrs. Ewa Diadush

Psychologist, psychotherapist

Phone number: 782 095 503, e-mail:

Mrs. Magdalena Leleń

Psychologist, specialist in the field of working with a person with an autism spectrum and mental disorders

Phone number: 519 841 333, e-mail: 

You can arrange a consultation (free of charge) by calling or sending an e-mail directly to the specialist of your choice.

During pandemic restrictions, advice is provided on-line, and in exceptional cases and when it is necessary, it is done personally, but only with all epidemiological safety rules.