Vice Dean for Student Affairs

Coordinator of Medical Biology

and Molecular Biology

dr hab. prof. UMCS Małgorzata Wójcik

Phone number: +48 81 5375064, e-mail: 




Student services in the Dean’s Office

Mrs. Aleksandra Brzozowska

Office: Monday-Thursday 10:00-14:00, Room No. 57B

Phone number: 81 537 52 15, e-mail:





Medical Biology Supervisor

Dr Kamila Wlizło

Department of Industrial and Environmental Microbiology, Room No. 105A




Molecular Biology Supervisor 

Dr Anna Rysiak

Department of Botany, Mycology and Ecology, Room No. 159B

Phone numer: +48 81 537 50 14


Psychological suport

Mrs. Ewa Diadush

Psychologist, psychotherapist

Phone number: 782 095 503, e-mail:

Mrs. Magdalena Leleń

Psychologist, specialist in the field of working with a person with an autism spectrum and mental disorders

Phone number: 519 841 333, e-mail: 

You can arrange a consultation (free of charge) by calling or sending an e-mail directly to the specialist of your choice.

During pandemic restrictions, advice is provided on-line, and in exceptional cases and when it is necessary, it is done personally, but only with all epidemiological safety rules.