Student Club of Nature Photography

Student Club of Nature Photography

The Student Club of Nature Photography headed by dr hab. Marek Kucharczyk, UMCS Professor, was established on April 10, 2008. The Club gathers photography enthusiasts interested in the beauty of nature. Currently, it has 30 members, but more than 150 students have been members over the 10 years of the activity of the Club.

Our activities include field trips, open-air workshops, exhibitions, competitions, and photography workshops. Together, we learn to look at nature through the eyes of a curious naturalist and from the artist’s perspective. We share experiences and develop the ability to observe the surrounding nature.

The photographic effects of the members of the Club can be seen in the “Pod Palmą” Gallery at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology.

Main goals and tasks of the Club

  • creation of an academic environment gathering students with common interest in nature photography
  • development of students’ interest in photography
  • development of the ability to observe surrounding nature
  • knowledge of good photography techniques
  • sharing experiences and presentation of the results of the work of Club members
  • promotion of the achievements of individual Club members
  • promotion of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology

Club location:

Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, UMCS
19 Akademicka St., room 147 B (first floor)
20-033 Lublin


Club supervisor:

dr hab. Marek Kucharczyk, prof. UMCS