Meeting in Botanical Garden - 07.06.2021

On 6 July 2021, on the occasion of the end of another academic year at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, a picnic was held at the Botanical Garden of the UMCS. The picnic was attended by students of the second and third year of Medical Biology, the authorities of the Faculty – Prof. Joanna Czarnecka – Dean of the Faculty and Prof. Małgorzata Wójcik – Vice-Dean for Student Affairs, and the supervisor of foreign students – Dr. Kamila Kupisz.

The meeting was an opportunity to summarize the academic year and also to reintegrate after many months of no face-to-face contacts due to Covid. Visiting the Botanical Garden together, roasting sausages over a bonfire and taking photos made a lot of fun for all participants of the event.

We invite you to see a photo report of the event and… join us next year!.