Zaproszenie na wykład gościnny prof. Roberto Rabela

Instytut Nauk o Polityce i Administracji UMCS serdecznie zaprasza wszystkich studentów, doktorantów i pracowników Uczelni na wykład pt. „Winning The New Cold War: Lessons from the old one”, który odbędzie się 8 czerwca (środa) o godz 11:30. Wykład poprowadzi profesor Roberto Rabel z Centre for Strategic Studies Victoria University of Wellington (Nowa Zelandia). Moderatorem spotkania będzie prof. dr hab. Marek Pietraś, Dyrektor INoPiA.

Język spotkania: angielski.

Miejsce: Wydział Politologii i Dziennikarstwa UMCS, ul. Głęboka 45 Lublin, aula A.1.08

Forma: hybrydowa (stacjonarnie na Wydziale Politologii i Dziennikarstwa + łączenie zdalne).

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Intensified geo-political competition between great powers (especially involving the United States, China and Russia) has led many to suggest a new Cold War is unfolding, with unavoidable repercussions for other states and the world order. In this lecture, Emeritus Professor Roberto Rabel will address three key questions relating to this increasingly central development in the international relations of the early 21st century:

  • Why has a kind of new Cold War arisen?
  • How does this Cold War 2.0 resemble and (more importantly) differ from the old one?
  • Having ultimately prevailed in the 20th century Cold War, what lessons can democracies draw from that experience?


Emeritus Professor Roberto Rabel is a Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Strategic Studies. He has been affiliated to the Centre since retiring from his management role as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International Engagement) at Victoria University of Wellington.

He is National Vice-President of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs. Professor Rabel has previously chaired the Advisory Boards for the Centre for Strategic Studies and the Victoria Institute for Links with Latin America. He was a trustee of the Greater Mekong Subregion Tertiary Education Consortium and served as Establishment Director for the Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence. Professor Rabel holds a Gold Cross of Merit and a “Bene Merito” award for services to Poland abroad from the Polish Government as well as an award “For the Advancement of Vietnam’s Education Cause” from the Vietnamese Government.


    Data dodania
    7 czerwca 2022