Non-EU nationals

Step 1 – Non-EU/EEA nationals: register your address of residence

Within 4 days of entry to Poland and moving into a place of residence in Lublin (it could be a dormitory or a private flat) foreign students have to register at the City Office (Residents’ Service Centre).

Where to register?
Residents’ Service Centre
(in Polish: Biuro Obsługi Mieszkańców)
20-071 Lublin
ul. Wieniawska 17

Documents required

  1. Registration Form (it should be completed and signed by the student and then by the dormitory manager. If a room or a flat is rented instead, the rental agreement is required as well),
  2. valid ID card or passport,
  3. document authorizing you to legally stay in Poland (a visa, a residence permit card, a decision of residence permit for a specified period of time).

Sometimes a student may be asked for other additional documents (a certificate of the student status at UMCS or a birth certificate).

Step 2 – Non EU/EEA nationals: apply for a temporary residence permit

Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries must submit an application for a residence card no later than on the last day of their legal stay (BEFORE the expiration of their present visa/residence permit).

How to book an appointment?

In order to submit an application for a temporary residence permit you are first required to make an online appointment: 

For more information, please visit: 

You are NOT required to make an appointment by internet to: register an invitation, collect your residence card, apply for a replacement of your residence card or if you are a citizen of the EU and would like to register your stay.

Where to submit the documents?

Department for Foreigners (in Polish: Oddział ds. Cudzoziemców)
ul. Czechowska 15

Documents required

  1. Application Form (completed in Polish, CAPITAL LETTERS),
  2. Photocopy (all pages even the empty ones) of a valid travel document (e.g. a passport) + original document to show for verification,
  3. 4 current ID-style colour photographs sized 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm,
  4. Student status statement about continuation of studies issued by the Dean’s office at your faculty),
  5. Confirmation of payment of the tuition fee,
  6. Proof of sufficient financial funds to cover the costs of living and studying in Poland and return to the country of origin (e.g. a bank statement confirming financial resources, issued no later than one month before submitting the application),
  7. Proof of health insurance or confirmation of covering health treatment costs on the territory of Poland by the insurer,
  8. Accomodation certificate (issued by the Dormitory manager or rental agreement),
  9. Original receipt of the payment of PLN 340 for granting a residence permit and then after being granted a residence permit you will be obligated to pay PLN 25 for the issuance of a residence card.

Fees: PLN 340 stamp duty – payable when submitting the application,

PLN 25 for the card – payable after you have received   a positive decision regarding your application.

All documents submitted in foreign languages should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator.  You may access the list of Polish sworn translators at: 

After being granted a residence permit you will be issued a residence card. You should keep the residence card with you at all times.