Academic calendar

The University runs a two-semester system.
The 1st semester starts at the beginning of October and finishes by the end of January. There is a Christmas break in December. The examination session takes place at the end of January and lasts two weeks.
The 2nd semester starts in the middle of February and finishes in June with a break for Easter. The examination session starts in June and lasts about three weeks.

There are also resit examination periods (in Polish: sesje poprawkowe) for those who did not pass their exams. A student who fails an exam during the first examination period after the winter semester has an opportunity to resit it in March (at the beginning of the second semester), but a student who did not pass an exam after the second semester may not retake it until September. Your teachers will inform you about the form of examinations at the beginning of the courses. Be prepared to pass oral or written examinations. You should know that sometimes some teachers enable volunteer students to take an exam earlier than it is planned within an examination period. In Polish, it is called zerówka and is held before the official examination period begins.



Academic year 2020/21

Winter semester:

From 1st October 2020 to 17th February 2021:

            1) Classes: 1st October – 22nd December 2020

            2) Winter break: 23rd December 2020 – 6th January 2021

            3) Classes: 7th January – 3th February 2021

            4) Exam session: 4th – 17th February 2021


Winter holidays: 18th – 24th February 2021


Summer semester:

From 25th February to 12th July 2021:

            1) Classes: 25th February – 31st March 2021

            2) Spring break: 1st –7th April 2021

            3) Classes: 8th April – 22nd June 2021

            4) Exam session: 23rd June – 13th July 2021


Summer holidays: 14th July – 30th September 2021*


* Students start their summer holiday break after completing their last exams.


Exam resits:

by 28th February 2021 – winter session

by 24th September 2021 – summer session


Additional free days (national holidays):

1st October 2020 – Matriculation ceremony for students enrolled in degree programmes

23rd October 2020 – Academic year inauguration

1st November 2020 – All Saints’ Day

2nd November 2020 – All Souls' Day

11th November 2020 – Independence Day

24th December 2020 – Christmas Eve

25th December 2020 – Christmas Day

26th December 2020 – Boxing Day

27th – 31st December 2020 –  free days (no classes held)

1st January 2021 – New Year

2nd - 3rd January 2021 –  free days (no classes held)

6th January 2021 – Epiphany

1st April 2021 – Holy Thursday

2nd April 2021 – Holy Friday

3rd April 2021 – Holy Saturday

4th April 2021 – Easter Day

5th April 2021 – Holy Monday

6th – 7th April 2020 – free days (no classes held)

1st May 2021 – Labour Day

2nd May 2021 – National Flag Day

3rd May 2021 – Constitution Day

23rd May 2021 – free day (no classes held)

3rd June 2021 – Corpus Christi

4th June 2021 – free day (no classes held)

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