Finances (Cost of living in Lublin, opening a bank account, tuition fee payments)

Foreign students who plan their budget for their stay in Lublin may need a general idea on the average cost of living. The information given below should be helpful.  Although, be aware that it is only an estimate and the real expenses depend on your lifestyle, personal needs and especially the type of accommodation you choose, so they can be lower or higher than those specified below.


Accommodation 150 EUR
Food  150 EUR
Entertainment 50 EUR
Books 30 EUR
Clothing 50 EUR
Other expenses 20 EUR
Total: 450 EUR

Sample prices (on average, as of 2022)
Lunch at a snack bar 20 PLN 5 EUR
A loaf of bread 4-5 PLN 0.85–1 EUR
A litre of milk 4 PLN 0.85 EUR
A burger 20-25 PLN 4.25-5.5 EUR
A cup of coffee 5–15 PLN 1–3.5 EUR
A 500 ml bottle of cola 8 PLN 1.7 EUR



For more information, you can check various Internet services that provide information on the approximate costs of living, such as

"Cost of Living in Lublin" video:

In order to open a bank account in Poland, a valid passport is required (some banks may require additional documents with a photograph) and a document confirming student status. Money can be also directly withdrawn through ATMs from the account that is opened in the student’s home country.

All major foreign currencies may be exchanged in any bank or Kantor (currency exchange bureau).

Poland has an extensive network of ATMs, which are connected to all international networks. It is advised to consult your bank or cash issuer about the charges incurred while using a particular card abroad.