Heal the world - зціли світ!

Words of encouragement for the fighting Ukraine and her people are flowing in from all directions!

We thank the students of our Faculty for the initiative and organization to film the video, in which the song ‘Heal the world’ by Michael Jackson is intertwined with words of support for Ukraine. In preparing for this video both our English-speaking students (Sean with his band The Helping Hand, Kavindi, Mykyta, Jimmy), as well as Polish-speaking students (e.g. Michalina) were involved.

Apurva expressed his support in a poem:

I am not the tree of the soil which the rivers have irrigated,

Growing up in barren soil, I have drawn life from death.
Will create our destiny by our own hands, I am not the one to be fazed.
Like a letter carved on stone, I am not the name that will be erased... I am not the name that will be erased.


Friends from Ukraine – We stand with you! 

Koleżanki i Koledzy z Ukrainy – jesteśmy z Wami!

Tudi bo bumue Ukraine!

Ndi Ukraine, anyi kwu unu n'azu!

Ukraine y3 ne mo w) h)


    Date of addition
    9 March 2022