UMCS Press Centre

The UMCS Press Centre is responsible for shaping the University's information policy, maintaining and extending effective relations with the media, and building a positive image of the University while maintaining the coherence of internal and external communication.

The employees of the Press Spokesperson's Office are responsible, among other things, behind:

  • representing the University in the media
  • preparation of press materials for the media
  • initiating information activity for the entire community
  • organizing and conducting press conferences and briefings with the participation of the University authorities
  • representing the position of the University authorities
  • ongoing analysis/monitoring of media information related to UMCS
  • keeping an archive of press releases on the University
  • maintaining a database of journalists and media entities dealing with higher education and science
  • cooperation with the Editorial Office of UMCS Internet Services in the information field published on the website 
  • mediating media contacts with University employees.

The Office of the UMCS Press Spokesperson runs the Media Experts Database, which comprises specialists from faculties and university-wide units. Thanks to it, journalists have a more accessible contact with experts in specific fields of knowledge. The database contains specialists' contact details and a description of their scientific and research interests. This results in a constant increase in the number of topics our scientists cover in local and national media and publications related to the University.

The Press Centre also houses the editorial office of "UMCS University News" - an academic journal of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, published monthly since 1991 (with a break for the holiday months: July and August). The mission of the journal is to document the most important events at UMCS, as well as to show the research and teaching potential of the University by promoting scientific activities, research projects and all other initiatives and achievements of our academic staff, doctoral students and students.

In the pages of "University News", we publish:

  • information about the most important events at the University,
  • popular science articles on the research of research and teaching staff and students,
  • interviews with research and teaching staff,
  • information on the successes and achievements of employees, doctoral students and students,
  • information on scientific, creative and sports activities of employees and students.

The editorial office of "Wiadomości Uniwersyteckie" also runs a channel with podcasts entitled "The Voice of Science". Each episode presents interesting scientific issues related to the scope of research of our employees, doctoral students and students (in the form of mini-lectures or interviews/talks). The initiative makes it possible to attractively promote science, broaden recipients' knowledge, and provide an excellent opportunity to show off scientific discoveries and successes.

We invite you to listen and share! The materials are available in applications such as Spotify or Google Podcasts, thanks to which you can listen to all episodes for free.

The University Photographer, who also successfully prepares interesting video materials, is responsible for implementing photographic reports illustrating our University's academic life.