Academic Culture and Media Centre Chatka Żaka


16 Radziszewskiego Street, 20-031 Lublin

Phone +48 81 533 25 70  

The integration centre for the creative communities and venue for almost all artistic domains such as (music, theatre, film, visual arts, literature, and radio). Chatka Żaka offers six programme streams:

  • SHOT
  • WORD

Each one creates a space where students can find inspiration to develop their interests, guided by experts in the field.

Our venue lends its stages to various artistic productions. Chatka Żaka is home to zMYsł Dance Group, Imperial Theatre, and the Musically Gifted Daughters and Sons Orchestra. The place is also the official venue of different university artistic groups: the Jadwiga Czerwińska University Choir and the Stanisław Leszczyński Folk Dance Ensemble. The essential gigs and events include:

  • Women’s Chatka;
  • Across the World. Travel Talks;
  • Free Chatka;
  • Bakcynalia;
  • Viral ART 2.0;
  • Another Dimension;
  • St Nicolas Day International Festival of Folk Music;
  • Tuesday screenings of the Barrier Film Discussion Club.

Together with the Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka coalmine, we run the Bogdanka Cultural Scholarships in Chatka Żaka programme for undergraduates and doctoral students ready to devise and implement their original projects. Our flagship project, Student Culture Forum, is a platform of exchange and mutual inspiration for artists and creators from all over Poland. Chatka Żaka is a media hub with its University Radio Centrum and TV UMCS.