International Student Office


International Student Office


“GRZEŚ” Dormitory, ground floor, rooms 10, 11, 12, 27


ul. Langiewicza 24, 20-035 Lublin


Erasmus+ Programme Office: phone no. 81 537 54 10


International Student Office: phone no. 81 537 29 26


Head of the Office: Mr Ryszard Straszyński, phone no. 81 537 52 18


Our aim is to provide support and counselling to the international students commencing and pursuing their studies in English and Polish at the University. We organise orientation programmes for the new students, presenting the information about the University, the campus, and the city of Lublin.


We also organise and co-organise various cultural events aiming at intercultural integration and promoting mutual respect and tolerance among UMCS students.


Moreover, we support all international students in various matters connected with administrative matters, as well as residency issues, health insurance, and the organisation of the studies.


Furthermore, our staff are responsible for the implementation and coordination of international exchange programmes for students, doctoral students, and employees of the University, such as the Erasmus+ Programme or bilateral student exchange schemes.