Competence Development Office

The Competence Development Office was established in place of the previously operating Career Office and conducts educational, advisory and information activities for students, graduates and employees of UMCS for their professional and personal development.

The establishment of the Competence Development Office is dictated by the dynamically changing situation in the labour market, the expectations of employers towards university graduates in terms of their competencies, as well as the need to build the image of a university open to representatives of the non-academic community, sharing knowledge and ready to cooperate not only on the scientific level but also practical, involved in building a knowledge-based economy, using science and knowledge in the process of development of the individual and society.

The Competence Development Office areas of activity:

  • job placement, internships and apprenticeships;
  • organization of internships outside the course of studies;
  • training and workshops developing social and professional competencies;
  • entrepreneurship education programs;
  • educational and vocational counselling;
  • cooperation with employers (implementation of recruitment projects, organization of meetings; company presentations at the University, etc.);
  • cooperation with labour market institutions and organizations;
  • building relationships and cooperation with UMCS graduates.