Office for the Analysis of the Quality of Education

5  Maria Curie-Skłodowskiej Square, Room no: 1114

20-031 Lublin

Contact details:

Phone no: 81 537 55 05 

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 7:15am - 3:15 pm

The Office for Analysis of the Quality of Education is an administrative unit dealing in particular with:

  • organizing and conducting research quality of education under the Internal Education Quality Assurance System, including the preparation of survey templates, analysis and presentation of the obtained results and development of promotional information on the research carried out;
  • organizing and conducting research for people starting their studies at UMCS;
  • evaluation of postgraduate studies;
  • evaluation of apprenticeships in connection with the implementation of the IT system supporting apprenticeships of UMCS students;
  • supporting other organizational units in designing and carrying out research conducted by them, in particular, university-wide research affecting the quality of education;
  • supporting the implementation and maintenance of the syllabus system and the Archives of Diploma Theses;
  • supporting organizational units of the University in the preparation of reports on the quality of education for PKA and their analysis;
  • supporting organizational units of the University in the preparation of documentation related to national and international accreditation in the scope not transferred to the competencies of other units;
  • participation in the process of evaluating new fields of study, as well as changes introduced to the existing ones;
  • conducting promotional activities at the University regarding the idea of ​​improving the quality of education, the need to participate in research (in cooperation with students and doctoral students);
  • registration of external and internal regulations related to the functioning and development of the Internal Education Quality Assurance System and related to the construction of the European Higher Education Area;
  • collecting and sharing information on national and international requirements for the quality of education;
  • organizing conferences, meetings, and training courses on the quality of education;
  • support for the University Team for Education Quality and the Rector's Proxy for Education Quality;