UMCS Botanical Garden


UMCS Botanical Garden

3 Sławinkowska Street (official entrance)

20-810 Lublin


THE MAIN ENTRY to the garden for visitors is from Willowa Street.




UMCS Botanical Garden

Established: 1965
Acreage: 21.25 ha
Taxon count: 6,700
Plant collections are used for didactic and educational purposes as well as research and development carried out by employees and students of Lublin universities.
Geographical location: Lublin (51 ° 16 'N, 22 ° 30' E), 200 m above sea level.
Climate: In the Lublin Upland, continental influences predominate with large amplitudes of annual temperatures and long summers and long, cool winters. 1951-2010: average long-term annual temperature + 8.3 ° C; the average annual long-term sum of atmospheric precipitation - 550.6 mm.
Configuration: The garden is located in the valley of the Czechówka River and includes its fragment, a slope adjacent to the west, crossed by three loess ravines, and a part of the plateau. The difference in height between the lowest and highest points is about 40 m.