Office for People with Disabilities and Psychological Support

Dormitory HELIOS

13 Czwartaków Street, 20-036 Lublin


Hours of consultation: Monday - Friday from 9.00 am-2.30 pm

We work with students and PhD students with disabilities and people experiencing mental health crises. We provide consulting and training in practical learning and study time.

The mission of the Office is:

  • integration of people with disabilities with the academic community;
  • equalization of educational opportunities;
  • elimination of barriers and counteracting exclusion;
  • adapting the didactic process to students / doctoral students with various health needs.

During our office hours, we advise studying and helping solve various individual problems. We provide all students with discretion and a pleasant atmosphere.

Whom are we working for?

  • for students and doctoral students with a certified degree in disability;
  • for chronically ill people;
  • for students and PhD students experiencing mental health crises;
  • for students and PhD students who want to break down "barriers" in the academic environment;
  • for university teachers and administrative staff.