Office for Promotion and Popularization of Science

"Promotion of science is an art. It is not enough to do research and get results. It also has to be said, written and presented. Implementing scientific research is associated with excellence, high quality and attention to detail. We should approach the promotion of what we create in the same way. "(Gajl and Gryzik, 2017)

The Office for the Promotion and Popularization of Science aims to see Maria Curie-Skłodowska University as a source of data, opinions and solutions.

We provide specific materials that will be used and will be an incentive for implementations.

We introduce the results of our scientists' research into a public debate where the voice of science should influence understanding.

We provide information that encourages the dissemination of research results.

We build credibility and support for science in society by showing the importance of conducted research and encouraging cooperation in the conducted research while explaining its meaning.

We stimulate the scientific interests and passions of young people.

We pursue our goals in particular through:

  • popularizing and promoting science and research results, as well as presenting science problems to a broad audience (lectures, workshops, classes, seminars, meetings with authors);
  • organization of scientific shows, competitions, tournaments, knowledge olympics and exhibitions;
  • promotion of online science, with particular emphasis on research conducted at UMCS, mainly through video materials, podcasts, and interviews;
  • cooperation with university units and research centres in the country and abroad as part of the promotion and popularization of research conducted at UMCS;
  • promoting the achievements of UMCS doctoral students and students;
  • preparation of promotional materials;
  • cooperation with schools.


Office Coordinator: Barbara Uljasz, MA

UMCS Rectorate, room 1305B, XIII floor