Department of Geology, Soil Science and Geoinformation

Head of the department

Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Zgłobicki


Current research topics

  • Dynamics of selected soil and sediment properties of the Bellsund region (Western Spitsbergen)
  • Comprehensive environmental monitoring of Central Roztocze region
  • Use of geophysical, petrographic, sedimentological, geochemical and statistical methods in environmental research
  • Variability of selected properties of soils subjected to degradation processes in Poland SE
  • Soil as a living environment
  • Remote sensing monitoring of natural processes at different spatial and time scales
  • Use of GIS programmes to analyse the morphometric differentiation of the Lublin Upland and Roztocze region
  • Application of new measurement techniques and methods of their interpretation in regional hydrological and hydrochemical research
  • Use of remote measurements to model and reconstruct historical objects
  • Use of the area's geodiversity in tourism

Currently ongoing research projects: