ERASMUS+ PROGRAM in the discipline of Political Science and Public Administration

We would like, to inform you that Maria Curie Sklodowska University and Charles University in Prague signed an agreement as a part of the Erasmus KA131 Action 1 (Educational Mobility) Program. Based on that agreement doctoral students of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences in the discipline of Political Science and Administration, have the opportunity to carry out part of their studies at Charles University in Prague in the academic year 2022/23.

Participants in the Program do not pay tuition fees at the host university, but cover the cost of travel, local travel, food, accommodation, insurance, textbooks and other costs while studying abroad (program information:

Qualified doctoral students will receive individual support from the European Commission, which is designed to help finance living costs abroad and is only a subsidy of 450, 500, or 520 euros per month, depending on the destination country.
Recruitment will be based on the evaluation of complete documents submitted by candidates to the Doctoral School  Qualification  Committee and an interview.

The required set of documents must be submitted to the Doctoral Schools' Office by January 15, 2023.

The set of documents should include

  •     a letter of motivation (addressed to the Qualification Committee at the Doctoral School, including the name of the university where the candidate would like to study, the planned date of the study, a list of subjects he/she would like to take at the host university,
  • a statement with a grade point average for the whole period of study at the current level of study issued by the doctoral schools' office,
  • a certificate of proficiency in the foreign language in which the study abroad is to take place from a recognized certification center (e.g., Cambridge, Goethe Inst., Center for Foreign Language Teaching and Certification of the UMCS), not required for foreign philology graduates. Knowledge of the relevant foreign language of candidates who do not present such a certificate will be evaluated based on an interview in a foreign language.

The final decision on admission will be made by the receiving foreign university to which the student will be qualified by the UMCS in a separate application procedure.


    Date of addition
    15 December 2022