Complementary recruitment for internships abroad under the Project "UMCS Doctoral Schools - Your Success in Globalize World of Science"

Since no applications for internships to non-OECD countries were received in the first call for internships within the Project "UMCS Doctoral Schools - Your Success in Globalize World of Science", we announce a complementary recruitment.

Applications for 1 internship of 2 months to non-OECD countries and applications for 1 internship of 1 month to OECD countries will be accepted, with the reservation that applications for non-OECD internships will be considered first. Subsequently, if there are no applications for non-OECD internships, only applications for 1 month internships to OECD countries will be considered.

Candidates declare their willingness to participate in the Project by completing and signing
the application form containing a declaration that they have read the Regulations for recruitment and participation in the Project and meet the conditions for participation in the Project. The application documents should be completed legibly, and then signed and delivered to the Project Office.

The deadline for submission of the application is June 20, 2022 at 12:00 pm.

All application documents for the Project are available at the Project Office and on the Project website -


    Date of addition
    9 June 2022