The counselling service provides free confidential psychological support to students of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. The assistance is offered in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English. If you are experiencing problems or difficulties in your personal or university life, contact the counselling team to make an appointment.

The service is to help you gain insight into any difficulties, thoughts or feelings you are struggling with and develop strategies to help you cope with them.

Types of assistance
Students can work individually with a counsellor or participate in group therapy sessions.

Making an appointment
The initial step is booking an appointment with the counsellor Monika Kotlarz-Koza:

Phone no.: 889 993 445, e-mail:

Simply stop by our office (Room 9 in the Helios dormitory, 13 Czwartaków Street) or phone 889 993 445 to schedule an appointment.

Self-help resources
 “Befriend yourself during the studies” is a resource which includes detailed information on how to effectively cope with the challenges of student life.

The booklet features stress management techniques, tips to develop positive university relationships and information to help you understand the dynamics of mental disorders.

View or download the booklet: Befriend yourself during the studies