Dear Students!

Below you will find the questions and answers regarding the 2024 Graduation Celebration. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


- Kinga: Do I have to pay extra for the rental of the graduate cap and academic robes?

No. All costs are already included in the basic fee of PLN 100.


- Andrzej: I cannot take part in the Graduation Celebration. Can I apply for a refund of PLN 100?

After 14th June, 2024 it is no longer possible to return the already paid money.


- Martyna: On June 28th, 2024 the Faculty of Law and Administration at UMCS has its Graduation Celebration already scheduled and on the same day I have my defence. What should I do?

You do not need to have your Bachelor's or Master's thesis defended in order to participate in the Graduation Celebration. As far as the dates are concerned, please ask your supervisor to bring forward your defence date. The Graduation Celebration of the Faculty of Law and Administration is scheduled at 10 a.m.


- Iza: I am pursuing two degrees. Can I participate in two Graduation Celebrations? If so, do I have to make two payments and two registrations?

 Yes. If you wish to attend the event twice, double payment and registration shall be made.