IKAR dormitory

IKAR Dormitory
(10-storey building)

Address: Czwartaków 15, 20-045 Lublin

Telephone: + 48 81 533 32 11 (reception desk), + 48 81 533 34 11 (administration)

Available rooms:

  • single rooms (for single parents),
  • double rooms (smaller),
  • double rooms (larger).

Standard: 8-person (4 twin rooms) and 10-person (2 twin rooms + 2 three-person rooms) segments with bathrooms including toilets and showers.

Room standard after refurbishment:

4-person segments (two 2-person rooms) – each segment with a bathroom (shower, washbasin, and toilet)

Each room is equipped with furniture (wardrobes, beds, hanging cupboards, cupboards, computer desks, chairs, etc), and Internet connection sockets;

Internet access in each room. Kitchen in the corridor.

Quiet learning rooms, TV room, entertainment room, laundry. Kiosk with basic goods.

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