Below is a list of professors and the courses they have taught since 2014, including those offered in the current academic year (2017/2018). The attachment at the end lists all courses in Contemporary Literary Studies, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies.

Dr. Ewa Antoszek
  • Contemporary US in American literature
Prof. Agata Brajerska-Mazur
  • Seminar in translation studies
Prof. Robert Bubczyk
  • Polish culture in historical perspective: Major issues and discourses
Prof. Halina Chodkiewicz
  • Contemporary issues in content and language integrated learning
Prof. Jerzy Durczak
  • Seminar in American literature
  • Politics and literature
Prof. Joanna Durczak
  • The environmental imagination
  • Ecocriticism in theory and practice
Prof. Paweł Frelik
  • Seminar in American media and popular culture
  • Figures, ideas, discourses: Readings in 20th- and 21st-c. art, media, and literature
  • Anthropocene now: Cultural responses to the end of the world (as we know it)
Prof. Christopher Garbowski
  • Seminar in film studies
Prof. Adam Głaz
  • Seminar in cognitive and cultural linguistics
Prof. Andrzej Kapusta
  • Philosophy, aesthetics, logic, sociology
Prof. Henryk Kardela
  • Seminar in cognitive linguistics
Prof. Anna Kędra-Kardela
  • Seminar in British literature
  • Professional and research skills
Prof. Aleksandra Kędzierska
  • Contemporary issues in Irish and British poetry
Dr. Izabella Kimak
  • Sexuality and the body in theory, literature, and visual culture
Prof. Jarosław Krajka
  • Seminar in English teaching
  • Modern teaching techniques
Prof. Wiesław Krajka
  • Seminar in English literature
Prof. Przemysław Łozowski
  • Language in time and space: From synchrony to panchrony
Prof. Wojciech Nowicki
  • Seminar in English literature
Dr. Ewelina Prażmo
  • Contemporary issues in cognitive linguistics
Dr. Maciej Rajewski
  • Philosophy, aesthetics, logic, sociology
Dr. Julita Rybczyńska
  • Copyright issues in research
  • Ethics in research
  • Human rights. Ideas, practice, challenges
  • Issues in constitutionalism
Prof. Katarzyna Sokołowska
  • Seminar in English literature
Prof. Jolanta Szpyra-Kozłowska
  • Seminar in phonology
  • Teaching English pronunciation to foreign learners
  • Contemporary issues in gender linguistics
  • The phenomenon of foreign accent and its perception
Prof. Irmina Wawrzyczek
  • Gender perspectives in popular culture studies