Tuition and other fees

The programme is offered free of charge to:

  • Polish nationals;
  • the following categories of non-Polish nationals (note that some of the categories overlap: because they have consequences as the applicant's future status while in Poland, candidates are advised to inquire prior to making a decision):
    • citizens of EU member states, the Swiss Confederation, EFTA (European Free Trade Association) member States or members of their families, provided that they have the necessary means to cover the cost of living for the duration of the programme; these individuals, however, are not eligible to social financial support or financial support for persons with disabilities;
    • holders of the settlement permit in Poland;
    • holders of a valid Polish Charter;
    • refugees;
    • individuals under temporary protection on the territory of Poland;
    • migrant workers, citizens of EU member states, the Swiss Confederation, or EFTA member states, or members of their families, if residing on the territory of Poland;
    • holders of the long-term EC residence permit;
    • holders of residence permit for a specified period of time;
    • individuals under subsidiary protection on the territory of Poland;
    • citizens of EU members states, EFTA member states or the Swiss Confederation, or members of their families, holding the permanent residence permit.

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(legal basis: Higher Education Act of July 27, 2005, with later amendments, notably Act of 18 March, 2011 - see attachments at bottom of page)

Fees for other non-Polish nationals include:

  • 3,000 EUR for year I (and a comparable sum for each successive year);
  • one-off 200 EUR payment in Year I;
  • a doctoral procedure fee of 5,000 EUR.

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These applicants are encouraged to seek financial support from institutions in their respective countries.

Persons of Polish descent are eligible to a 30% discount. Such persons, if not holders of the Polish Charter, must produce another document certifying their Polish descent, obtained from the Polish consulate in their country. The discount applies to the tuition fee only, not the one-off 200 EUR payment in Year I or the doctoral procedure fee.

Other small payments can also be expected, e.g. around 4 EUR for the doctoral student's electronic ID (Elektroniczna Legitymacja Doktoranta, ELD).