Internship in Nancy

Lublin has been participating in the summer internship program since 2011. At Nancy's invitation, every August young people from Lublin go to Nancy for about three weeks, while the City of Lublin hosts students from Nancy at the same time. A necessary condition for Polish participants is a good command of French.

The call for entries is open in May!

The internship is organized by the Nancy City Office, which provides accommodation, board and a cultural program. Participants cover the transport costs by themselves and are required to send an intership report within 14 days from the date of its completion.

The previous participants of the internship program emphasized that the internship in Nancy allowed them not only to improve their knowledge of the French language, learn about the functioning of the offices and departments of the local City Office and municipal institutions, and learn about the historical and cultural heritage of the city and the country, but also work in a pleasant international environment.

Nancy interns can be students of Romance, Applied Linguistics and/or other faculties who know French at B2/C1 level.
Furthermore, they should be people aged up to 25 who have not yet participated in this program.

Announcements about the recruitment of candidates are available on the website, tab Lublin - sub-tab "international cooperation".

Information brochure: