1. The principles of funding and individual support rates (funding) shall apply to students of the UMCS of each cycle of studies, including doctoral students (except students of postgraduate studies).

2. Funds received from the National Agency of the Programme (hereinafter referred to as the NA) shall be allocated for payment of the individual support (funding) to students of the UMCS  participating in the mobility based on an agreement between a beneficiary – student of the UMCS and Rector or Deputy Rector competent to the Erasmus+ Program – International Credit Mobility (hereinafter referred to as the Erasmus+ Programme), legally representing the University.

3. The amount of the allocated individual support (funding) depends on: the agreed monthly rate of individual support (funding), the country where a student carries out studies, and duration of the period of studies carried out at a foreign university.

4. Students going to studies abroad under the Erasmus+ Programme, who due to difficult financial situation have a right to receive a scholarship for low-income students at the UMCS shall be entitled to receive an increased funding for the mobility, based on principles relevant at the UMCS, from the budget of the PO WER Programme for each month of stay abroad accepted by the University.  Individuals that have already benefited from funding for the PO WER Programme (in previous years) in 2018/19 may not receive funding from funds of the PO WER Programme for a next mobility without the consent of the NA.

5. Monthly rates of individual support (funding) amount to:

For the countries:

Erasmus+ Programme per month

PO WER Programme with “social benefit”

PO WER Programme Students with special needs

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain (UK)

EUR 500

PLN 2995

PLN 2139

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain

EUR 450

PLN 2781

PLN 1925

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey; FYROM (former republic of Yugoslavia Macedonia)

EUR 400

PLN 2567

PLN 1711 


6. Funding may be paid in a few instalments, with reservation of point 7, but its basic part should be calculated and paid before the start of the student mobility.

7. Before mobility the student shall receive the amount of individual support (funding) reduced by ½ of the monthly rate for the last month of the planned stay abroad, which shall be paid only after student’s return from abroad and the correct settlement by the student of the documents related to the mobility required by the agreement.

8. The settlement of the final amount of individual support (funding) shall be based on the actual period of student’s stay abroad in order to carry out studies, confirmed by the receiving University, and the length of the period of such a stay specified in the agreement possibly connected with a short traineeship resulting from the agreed programme of studies. Such period should be confirmed with an appropriate certificate with precise dates of stay issued by receiving university. The length of stay  shall be determined with an accuracy of one day according to the principles binding for the Erasmus+ Programme, where:

  • 1 month = 30 calendar days,
  • 1 day  =  1/30of the monthly rate of the individual support (funding),

Taking into account the principle of 5-day flexibility for stays shorter than originally planned.
The final amount of funding shall be determined with the use of the Mobility Tool for the Erasmus+ Programme.

9. Social benefits resulting from the right to a scholarship for low-income students, referred to in point 4, shall be settled based on rules defined in point 8.

10. Costs of bank transfers of individual support (funding) paid shall be covered by the University. Costs of possible return of funding to the University account shall be covered by the student-participant of the Erasmus+ Programme.

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