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Information Sheet

Full legal Name of Institution



Head of Institution

Prof. dr hab. Radosław Dobrowolski

Vice-rector for Student Affairs and Quality of Education

Prof. dr hab. Dorota Kołodyńska

Erasmus Code


ECHE number  


OID number


Erasmus Mobility Office  Institutional Coordinator

 Mr Ryszard Straszynski, e-mail:

Erasmus office e-mail

Coordinator for outgoing students

Ms Justyna Mazur, e-mail:

Coordinator for incoming students


ul. Langiewicza 24, DS “Grześ”, pok. 27, 20-035 Lublin, Poland

Telephone (incl. country and area codes)

+ 48 815375410, + 48 815375218

Fax (including country and area codes)

+ 48 815375410

Academic Year

Semester dates (period of lectures)

Winter semester: 1 October  – mid February

Summer semester: mid February – 10 July

Application deadlines

31 May - for the 1st (winter) semester

15 November - for the 2nd (summer) semester

Application procedures

Students are nominated by the coordinator at their home university. The Erasmus Mobility Office at UMCS should then be notified about these nominations via e-mail. Nominated students submit the following documents:

-  Application Form – typed, printed and signed by the Erasmus coordinator (handwritten forms will not be accepted)

- A photocopy of the applicant’s passport or ID

- Two passport-size photographs

- Learning Agreement – information on courses can be obtained from faculty coordinators or downloaded from faculty website

All required documents should be sent by post to the International Student Office at UMCS.

Language(s) of Instruction


Selected programmes and courses in other languages (English)

Minimum language requirements  (for Polish)

The minimum English language skills requirement for incoming international students is:

I cycle ( Bachelor): TELC B1 level, Cambridge FCE, TOEFL 500 points (paper exam);

II  cycle (Master): TELC B2 level, Cambridge CAE, TOEFL 550 points (paper exam).

For the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) see

Programs/courses available for Exchange students


No restrictions for students knowing Polish;

Selected graduate programmes and courses in other languages (list available separately on our website)

Information on courses/units available and unit outlines

Detailed information on courses via the relevant departmental coordinators

Services available for Exchange students (Airport Reception, Orientation, etc...)

Orientation meeting; 3-4 days before each semester begins

Student mentors' assistance is offered (

Accommodation for Exchange students

Accommodation at UMCS is arranged in UMCS’s student residence halls by International Student Office. Students are housed in double-occupancy rooms. Accommodation is provided for the period corresponding to a student’s stay at UMCS.

Cost for housing

PLN 465 - 600 PLN (EUR 120 -150) per month per person

Average living costs per month (food, transportation, etc.)

PLN 1800 (EUR 400) per month

Medical insurance

Exchange students are required to bring a medical insurance with them  

Polish language courses

The Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners
ul. Weteranów 18, 20-031 Lublin, Poland
4-5 hrs' per week one-semester course of basic Polish;
(mid October - end of January; March-June)

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