Application Procedure

If you want to undertake your Erasmus+ mobility at the University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska (UMCS), you should first contact the Erasmus coordinator at your home university and ask to be nominated for a short study period at UMCS. Your nomination should be sent by your Erasmus coordinator to UMCS Erasmus Office by e-mail: and include your name, gender, subject area code, exchange period, and e-mail address. After receiving an official nomination, UMCS Erasmus Office will contact each nominated student and provide all information about the application procedure.

Important dates:

Nomination periods (students must be nominated by sending institutions by e-mail):

  • March 1 – May 15 (for the winter semester OR full academic year)
  • September 15 – December 1 (for the summer semester)

Application periods:

  • March 1 – May 31 (for the winter semester OR full academic year)
  • September 15 – December 15 (for the summer semester)

Semester duration:

  • The 1st (winter) semester lasts from October 1 till mid-February 
  • The 2nd (summer) semester lasts from the end of February till mid-July. 

The nominated students are required to register in UMCS recruiting system and attach all required documents there (NOT via e-mail): (Erasmus+)

The documents include:

  • Application form - typed, printed, and signed by the student and the Erasmus coordinator (handwritten forms will not be accepted), then scanned and attached to the application;
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport or ID;
  • One digital passport-size photograph - requirements
  • A photocopy of the insurance document (EHIC Card for EU citizens); In case you plan to buy an inrusance policy after getting the acceptance letter, leave the respective field blank. Do it in justified cases only! 
  • The results of the online assessment (at least at the B1 level, for English Philology at least at the B2 level) provided by Online Linguistic Support (OLS) for the English language. Ask Erasmus Office at your university, they should give you access to undergo the OLS language assessment. In the application package, you do not need to send the OLS test score – any document confirming your English skills will suffice. If you do not have any such document, just send any other certificate or test results confirming the level of your English Language Proficiency. Make sure to send the document before your arrival in Lublin;
  • Accommodation Form - in case you are NOT registering in the IRK system; DO NOT fill this out if you are applying for accommodation in the IRK system provided above. 

Learning Agreement:

You can fill your LA at or any other online platform your Higher Education Institution is using to exchange Online Learning Agreements. Please talk to your home Erasmus coordinator about it. 

The Learning Agreement should be approved by all three parties (student, home coordinator, and coordinator at the UMCS) before the start of the mobility.

In order to arrange your LA, you should choose subjects from the list of the courses available listed in the "Course offer" section below.

When in doubt, contact faculty coordinators.

In exceptional cases (if your home university has not started operating in any digital platform for exchanging OLAs yet), we can accept the paper LA. In this case, the document must be printed out and signed by you and your home coordinator, then sent to your faculty coordinator at UMCS via e-mail).  

If you are participating in a bilateral exchange program (other than the Erasmus+ Program), you should create the paper LA (not the online one). 

Course Offer:

Course offer for exchange students is available on our webpage

Additional Information:

You will find more information on our website.

All the students should create an application form in the system above and next attach all the required documents there. Please do not send the documents via e-mail. 

Once we receive your documents, they will be sent to the relevant departmental coordinator for approval. If your application is successful, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance sent to your e-mail address specified in your nomination. In order to facilitate and speed up the process, make sure you send the complete pack of all the documents in one go.