Faculty Coordinators

 Faculty Coordinators at UMCS CNICJO


Faculty of Arts Acting Coordinator mgr Tomasz Trautman
Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology mgr Małgorzata Szymańska
Faculty of Chemistry mgr Katarzyna Zalewska 
Faculty of Economics  mgr Kazimiera Siedlaczek
Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology mgr Iwona Filip
Faculty of Humanities mgr Maja Mościcka
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science mgr Piotr Kaczmarzyk
Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management Acting  Coordinator mgr Tomasz Trautman

Faculty of Education and Psychology

mgr Natalia Rola
Faculty of Political Science mgr Paweł Staniewski
Faculty of Law and Administration mgr Ewa Orłowska

Other Languages (German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian)

All Faculties mgr Ludmiła Kędzierska