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dr hab Piotr Celiński

dr hab Piotr Celiński
Assistant Professor

Personal information

PhD, Assistant Professor at the Department of Media Theory in Political Science Division at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University. Digital media theorist and author, culture animator and curator. Author, publisher and editor of Interfaces. Digital technologies in communication (Wrocław 2010), Cultural codes of digital technologies (Lublin 2011), Mindware: The technologies of dialogue (Warszawa 2012), Postmedia. Digital code and data bases (Lublin 2013). Co-founder and board member of the Digital Culture Institute Foundation (

selected books, articles and multimedia:

- Nowe media = nowa partycypacja, Lublin: Instytut Kultury Cyfrowej 2014. Online.
Postmedia. Cyfrowy kod i bazydanych, Lublin: Wydawnictwo UMCS 2013. Online.
Kultura wiedzy, red. P. Celiński, Jan P. Hudzik, Kraków 2012. Online.
Mindware. Technologie dialogu, red. P. Celiński, Lublin 2012. Online.
Kulturowe kody technologii cyfrowych, red. P. Celiński, Lublin 2011. Online.
Interfejsy. Cyfrowe technologie w komunikowaniu, Wrocław 2010. Online

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