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PhD Justyna Marzec

PhD Justyna Marzec
Assistant Professor
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Głęboka 45
20-612 Lublin

Personal information

Assistant professor at the International Relations Department at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism. Doctor of social sciences in the field of political science (2013). A graduate of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. I am involved in the Scientific Society – Polskie Towarzystwo Geopolityczne oraz Polskie Towarzystwo Studiów Międzynarodowych. 

My research interests are focused on several main topics: energy security (energy policy), crisis management and early warning systems. And I am also an expert in several Foundations, which concentrate on political and international affairs.

Scientific Activity

The results of my research are several books, articles and analyses (list of selected publications) . I have experience in organizing conferences and seminars.  I have also obtained a research grants.


List of selected publications: 


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