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Ph.D with habilitation (post-doctoral degree) Katarzyna Kuć-Czajkowska

Ph.D  with habilitation (post-doctoral degree) Katarzyna...
Assistant Professor at the Department of Local Government and Politics
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ul. Głęboka 45
20-612 Lublin

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2020 PhD with habilitation (or  post-doctoral degree) in the field of political science and administration. Title of habilitation thesis: Functional areas of voivodeship capital cities in Poland.The space of cooperation and competition of local governments,  Lublin 2019

2006 Ph.D. in the field of political science, doctoral thesis: Warsaw metropolitan character, supervisor: professor Stanisław Michałowski 

 2001 MA in Political Science, specializing in local government and local policies completed with very good grades, thesis: System of the local self-government of the capital city of Warsaw, supervisor: professor Zbigniew Szeliga 



6-10 VI 2011 Iceland, Reykjavik, ReykjavíkUniversity, the course: The Methodology of Writing Grant Proposals and Scientific Papers 

29 VI-5 VII 2003 Slovak Republic, Bratislava, EPAN-NISPAcee Joint Summer School title: European Policy Management in Comparative Perspective

8-9 VII 2002 - Hungary, Budapest, CEUSummerUniversity title: The Future Role of Cities in a Globalising World: Challenges for new public strategies and innovative urban governance.Title of presentation: Transformation in Warsaw since 1990 

Publications (in English)


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