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Professor of law Andrzej Korybski

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+48 (81) 537 54 26
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Born: November 17, 1954, M.A. - 1977; PhD. – 1983; Habilitation in law – 1993; Professorship at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University – 1994.

Lectures on: Introduction to Jurisprudence; Theory of Legislation; Foundations of Logic for Lawyers; Negotiations and Mediation for Lawyers; Legal Professions.

Research activity: legislative activity in contemporary state and legal policy; legal professions in the European Union and in the member states of UE; application of law processes and their organizational framework; legal regulations of negotiations and mediation in the contemporary European states; legal education and studying law in the EU member states.

Supervisor of 8 and reviever of 18 PhD. doctoral proceedings; reviever in 3 habilitation proceedings.

Main current functions: member of the Polish Accreditation Committee (since 2012); expert at the National Centre of Sciences (since 2009); member of the editorial committee of “Studia Iuridica Lublinensia” (since 2011); vice-president of the MCSU Senate Statutory Committee.

Membership: International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR); Polish Association of Legislation; Lublin Association of Sciences.

Author or co-author of 80 published research works (18 of them published abroad or in English). Selected books (written in Polish): Conflicting Interests and the Legal Order (1990: co-author: Henryk Groszyk ); Alternative Dispute Resolution in the USA (1993); Introduction to Jurisprudence (1997: co-authors Leszek Leszczyński and Antoni Pieniążek); Foundations of the State and Law (2014: co-author: Lesław Grzonka).

Selected foreign research stays: Moscow State University – Moscow (Soviet Union 1986); Karol State University – Prague (Czech and Slovak Republic 1987);  Lock Haven University, (USA 1990); Pennsylvania State University – Philadelphia;  Ohio State University – Columbus; New York University – New York (USA 1992); European Commission – Brussel (Belgium 1997).

Visiting lectures: Ukraina (Faculty of Law, State University in Luck); Czech Republic (Faculty of Law, State University of Plzen).

Participation in international conferences: c. 40 (with papers), among others: congresses of International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (Cracov, Beijing); seminars of European Law Project of Integrated Studies (Hannover, Lublin, Glasgow); seminars on political and legal aspects of transition processes in Europe (Lublin, Kiev).

Academic and state awards: main award of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland (1994); Golden Cross of Merits (2014).