Students R&I activities

ATHENA alliance aims to promote the involvement of students in R&I activities at all levels of education. This involvement needs to be an implicit part of the educational process as well as an instrument for co-operation with other research and industrial stakeholders. It should also contribute to strengthening the professional competencies in research and innovation and to the personal and social skills of the students.

Activities for student R&D work and projects

The purpose of the activities within the ATHENA consortium is to encourage students to research and participate in development and project activities. Involvement represents the possibility of career development on the basis of strengthening competence and gaining practical experience, as well as the possibility of networking with employers and consequently easier transition to the labour market. The various existing forms or possibilities of student participation represent an opportunity to pursue the individual’s capabilities and use them at the partnership level.

Student Challenges

By tackling student challenges of the local and international environment and using an innovative, problem-oriented and joint approach, the students are provided with an adequate environment for developing competencies as well as acquiring practical knowledge and experience. In interdisciplinary groups and under the supervision of a pedagogical and work mentor, students tackle challenges encountered in companies and other organizations. Thus, the implementation of project assignments brings a social benefit to everyone involved as well as a later possibility for long-term cooperation.

BlendED Mobility

Having students work together in international teams rocks! In a Blended Mobility project students combine physical meetings abroad with ‘virtual’ team work from the home base. This way, students (and teachers!) can enjoy the thrill of an international experience without having to do a full Erasmus semester abroad.

Summer School

University of Maribor organises the Summer School 2022 with five different Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) for students in various academic fields. Each module includes lectures, workshops, applied visits and an attractive social program.

Participation at summer schools is for students that receive the Erasmus grant free of tuition.


Research stay at the University of Siegen

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides the ATHENA programme at the University of Siegen with funding to offer two PhD students the opportunity to perform a one-month research stay. The offer is directed at PhD students of any discipline and at any stage. 

More information is available in the document Announcement PHD Exchange Incoming.pdf.