1. Innovation ecosystems

ATHENA enhances collaboration between Higher Education, businesses, and society at each of its seven partner institutions.

2. Project-based learning

ATHENA uses the project-based educational approach, presenting students with a complex real-world problem or question that has multiple solutions and possibilities for exploration.

3. Lifelong learning

ATHENA supports the approach that learning and the will to learn has relevance at every age and stage of life.

4. Joint research projects

By setting up a cooperation model for R&D, ATHENA brings together researchers from different disciplines and countries.

5. Career service

The ATHENA Career Service offers seminars, workshops, trainings, individual career advice, and coaching to help finding one’s way in the world of work.

6. Praxis

The PRAXIS network aims to improve students’ employability and soft skills by deepening the link with industry and research.