Research University

The coexistence of research and higher education is a prerequisite of modern universities and their cooperation. Research is aimed as an interaction of basic research, applications and innovation. Sustainable innovation systems can only be built when research and innovation (R&I) – based on excellent research – address the societal, technological and nevertheless ethical challenges, as well as equally tackle the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the European Green Deal.

This part of the ATHENA website offers a roadmap with an overview of the existing R&I  efforts of member institutions, highlighting outstanding research potentials and existing cooperation. In a dynamic manner and based on the ATHENA Cooperation Model for R&D partnership with the industry and public sector, student participation in research and ongoing ATHENA research initiatives are presented.

Research Impact

ATHENA’s R&I impact assessment should be well balanced within three areas: impact on business and the public sector, impact on teaching and societal impact. Focusing on just one aspect or just on immediate economic results would be insufficient and even detrimental.

R&I Roadmap – the State-of-the-Art

The state-of-the-art (SOTA) refers to the highest level of general advancement reached at a given moment and, in this way identify synergies, research gaps, and possible cooperation within the ATHENA alliance. The R&I roadmap makes it possible to coordinate different research stakeholders toward achieving common goals and advancing scientific efforts.

Shared Resources Catalogue

As a preliminary step for developing ATHENA Cooperation Model for R&D, the partnership is to identify common R&I fields and topics with the potential to achieve substantial progress through cooperation within alliance. For this purpose, a questionnaire to collect data in a standarized and comparable manner is used. The compendium of R&I fields will enable the partnership to pinpoint cooperation opportunitiees, serving as focus area for implementing support services within the Cooperation Model for R&D.

Calls for Projects

A list of open calls and funding oppourtunities is prepared twice per month and internally shared among the ATHENA partners. The aim is to encourage partners to submit joint projects and, in doing so, to strengthen R&I cooperation among ATHENA Partners.

Joint Research Projects

As a part of the Shared Resources Catalogue, the web application includes the "ATHENA Joint R&I Projects" list that aims to collect joint projects of the ATHENA alliance partners. In this wat, on overwiev of the facilitation of joint research projects in the ATHENA alliance is possible.