Research cooperation

Flagship project opportunities

ATHENA unites top experts in fields of digitalisation and they are at the palm of your hand through our researcher database. Besides to state-of-the-art basic research, ATHENA European University fosters industry-driven applied research with internationally highly visible industrial partners, but especially to small and medium enterprises. Our services at integrated business centres connect you to the world. ATHENA European University cooperates with global services as Enterprise Europe Network and hold creative factories supported by technology transfer offices and incubator facilities to support you in your future plans. The ATHENA innovation eco-system also provides you with a variety of funding opportunities for your needs.


ATHENA European University not only holds a database of research potentials, but also an overview of state-of-the-art research infrastructure under the principles of Open Access Policy. Thus, you have an easy access to relevant tools for your own research within our green facilities. 

You wish to save time and funding to avoid extensive lab work and materials? Use the ATHENA European University computer simulation capacities and get results in a quick and convenient way. Make your business plan via digital twin technology or have your experiment done by the ATHENA technical lab staff.

The high quality of our infrastructure is proven by the certificates held by the various labs. Have a look.

Opportunities for mobility

Mobility is a true challenge, especially for researchers, who also have teaching assignments. ATHENA European University offers you a way of networking for your higher international visibility and recognition through providing to you a live experience in one of our labs, where you can upskill or reskill your already existing expertise in the ATHENA innovative work environment. We are aware of the challenges of a sabbatical and therefore support you in the regulation of your invitation, your virtual substitution at home and the holistic support package.

Joint publications

You are seeking for contacts and colleagues for your research publication, but it seems to be rather closed for you at the beginning of your career or it is time consuming at the peak of your carer’s research activities? ATHENA European University offers you a higher recognition of your research achievements by taking you in to the global network of multidisciplinary research teams facilitating the matchmaking with related fellows and individuals and provides you with a higher impact in the research world, citations in international journals. This will no only make your research more attractive for funding, but also give you access to our financial support for publications in Open Access Journals.

1. Visiting professors

You are a teacher in higher education and wish to further develop your teaching skills and raise the quality of your lectures?

2. Doctoral school

You are about to finish or just have passed your master studies and seek for an opportunity to enrol in a doctoral study programme?

We offer you to make this experience in an environment, where you will be exposed to different cultures, where you will meet an innovative educational environment – the ATHENA European University. We use blended learning with new methods and systemic approach to competence clusters. We are an excellence hub for visiting professors, support you in strengthening your language skills on the way, and help you to overcome administrative or financial challenges to develop your optimal teaching performance.