This chapter is a hub for documents and reporting on the results within the R&D aspect of the ATHENA alliance.

ATHENA Research Book, Volume 1

Review Papers present and analyse previously published research activities based on relevant publications. Original Research Papers present scientific research achievements and research activity.

The authors are primarily researchers from the ATHENA European University partner institutions, highlighting flagship research projects and the potential for future cooperation between the alliance partners.

The first volume was published in November 2022 in open access:

Now there is a tme to contribute to the publication as UMCS! 

ATHENA Research Book, Volume 2 isnunder preparation. 

The contributions for volume two will cover

(a) the research activities of the ATHENA partners (Template ARB 2 Ch1): you can send your contribution to the following address:
(b) annotated bibliographies of the most excellent achievements in the last five years (Template ARB 2 Ch2): the request has been sent to Directors of Institutes
(c) student contributions in the form of short communications of masters and doctoral degree students.

The second volume will also be supplemented by the introductions of the Rectors and by the short letters of the work package leaders.

Specific call for Student papers contributions

The student contributions can be either

(a) short communications on student theses at the master’s or doctoral level or
(b) short communications on best practices and cooperation models, displaying the interrelation of teaching courses and the research from the students’ perspective, whereby supervisor/mentor involvement should also be noted.

Predominantly student works presenting new aspects and/or preliminary results should apply. Supporting the open access to research publications and research data, the preliminary research achievements should be published in open access repositories, e.g. ArXiv, PubMed Central, national open access repositories or EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) related resources.

The supervisor(s)/mentor(s) need to be clearly mentioned below the title (see template); submission of the student paper is treated as
approved by them.

Each student contribution will be assigned a unique DOI.

Submission guidelines

More information: