Participatory Budget - FAQ

The participatory budget is an extraordinary project for foreigners at UMCS.It is an opportunity for students/staff from abroad to be creative, design projects and manage them to finalization while enriching the academic lives of both national and international students pursuing their studies at UMCS. Particiaption requires filling the application form and submitting it until 10th of May

Frequently asked questions on the Participatory Budget program:

  • Can I arrange a travel to another city of Poland or another country?

Yes, you can make integration trips, study trips to another cities, only in Poland.

  • I am the student of the last semester, I want to submit a project but I will not be here during the implementation period.

In this case, in a project you need to indicate a person who will be responsible for implementation after you graduate.

  • Once the project is submitted, can I change the dates and the costs indicated In it?

You can change dates as long as they do not exceed the period of implementation (15.12.2020). The costs should not exceed 5 000 PLN net.

  • How much time will I have to execute the project?

The deadline of project implementation is 15.12.2020

  • I have no experience with projects, will someone help me to implement it, if it gets chosen ?

You do not need to worry about not having experience. The promotion office of UMCS will be supporting you if you need assistance.

  • Will I get a certificate in the end?

Yes, we will issue a certificate if you request it.

  • Stages of implementation of the project

The project should be implemented until 15.12.2020

  • How will the winners receive the funds?

The project leaders will be asked to submit invoices to the promotion officw that will be in charge of accounting.

  • Will there be any reporting required?

Yes, you will be required to submit a report on implementation


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