Our Researchers in ATHENA "Visiting Researchers Programme" at University of Orleans

In August and September, Dr Magdalena Mizerska-Kowalska (Institute of Biological Sciences, Department of Virology and Immunology) and Dr Magdalena Suchora (Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Department of Geomorphology and Paleogeography) take part in a research internships at the University of Orleans. Research stays are the result of cooperation between UMCS and Universitè d'Orléans as part of the ATHENA network.


Why is it worth to take part?

A stay at the University of Orleans means not only the implementation of individual scientific projects in cooperation with partner units, but also integration with scientists staying in the region as part of numerous programs coordinated by LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies https://www.lestudium-ias.com/.

Thanks to the effective support of the LE STUDIUM team coordinating the arrival of scientists, even a short stay is an opportunity to implement ambitious research plans, develop cooperation with local research units and the business environment, and immerse yourself in the cultural and natural charms of Orléans and the Central Loire Valley.


    Date of addition
    12 September 2023