ATHENA Colloquial Talks - Professor Andrea C. Ferrari from Cambridge Graphene Centre

The Sci-Cafe of the International Relations Office of Hellenic Mediterranean University and the Athena European University continues its invited colloquial talk on this Friday (4th of November 2022) at 10.00 CET.

It is an honor to have Professor Andrea C. Ferrari from Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB3 0FA, UK.
Professor Ferrari’s colloquial talk title will be “Layered Materials: Characterization and Applications.” A short abstract follows:
‘Graphene and layered materials (LMs) have great potential in photonics and optoelectronics, where the combination of their optical and electronic properties can be fully exploited, and the absence of a bandgap in graphene can be beneficial. The linear dispersion of the Dirac electrons in graphene enables ultra-wide-band tunability as well as gate controllable third-harmonic enhancement over an ultra-broad bandwidth, paving the way for electrically tuneable broadband frequency converters for optical communications and signal processing. Saturable absorption is observed as a consequence of Pauli blocking and can be exploited for mode-locking of a variety of ultrafast and broadband lasers. Graphene integrated photonics is a platform for wafer scale manufacturing of modulators, detectors and switches for next generation datacom and telecom. Heterostructures based on LMs have properties different from those of their individual constituents and of their three dimensional counterparts. These can be exploited in novel light emitting devices, such as single photon emitters, and tuneable light emitting diodes. LMs have potential for quantum technologies, as scalable sources of single photon emitters (SPEs). Quantum emitters in LMs hold potential in terms of scalability, miniaturization, integration. Generation of quantum emission from the recombination of indirect excitons in heterostructures made of different LMs is a path with enormous potential.”
Professor Ferrari’s scientific work has received 146087 citations, and his h-index is 126. His profile in google scholar can be found below:
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