Applied nanotechnologies for health & environment protection

The Athena European University Sci-Cafe is very happy to welcome Associate Professor Alexandra Mocanu from the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering of the University Politehnica of Bucharest in Romania.

Alexandra will join us on Monday the 4th of July at 10:00 CET with a colloquial talk entitled 'Applied nanotechnologies for health and environment protection. The talk will last 45 minutes, and we will have a usual 15 minutes of Q&A discussion with the speaker.
During the last decades, pollution is one of the major global problems that affect millions of people. The environmental issues are not only related to the activity of great industrial players in terms of recycling or circular economy but also to the small consumers who do not pay attention to the environment and the consequences of their actions on it.
Considering the scientifical and technological progress, the above led to the idea that “if it’s not recyclable then it should not be produced”. Moreover, the pressure given by the obligation of new and more severe regulations by the European Union led to a change in the scientific approach of different researchers to direct their work toward “greener” processes.
Although this could represent the beginning of new sustainable cleaner processes there is a slowdown in the transition towards environmentally friendly raw materials or products.
Thus, the purpose of this presentation is to showcase the most relevant scientific progress of our group at the University Politehnica of Bucharest related to nanostructured materials development for removal of pollutants from contaminated media or valorization of wastes. The main topics of this presentation will involve the design of nanomaterials for the removal of organic pollutants, the valorization of biomass waste for the enhancement of agricultural crops, and the manufacturing of bio-based products. Special attention will be given also to the development of nanomaterials with antimicrobial capacity for applications in food packaging or medical applications. Drawing on critical discourse analysis, the difficulty of some industrial manufacturers to respect European Union REACH regulations will be brought into the discussion.


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    1 July 2022

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