COVID-19-Related Infodemic in Poland - Agnieszka Demczuk

The subject matter examined by Agnieszka Demczuk is extremely interesting and important as it touches upon the very significant and actual challenges of recent years. Issues discussed in the monograph are part of a very important up-to-date and knowledge-oriented scientific considerations as they combine media and communication studies, political science, and social psychology. Thanks to such an interdisciplinary research approach, the publication represents a very interesting source of knowledge on COVID-19 and media related issues. The combination of these research areas is the evidence of a well-considered research choice by the Author, as well as her scientific maturity and erudition.
Without any doubt the book is a synthetic study devoted to the phenomenon of COVID-19-related infodemic in Poland and its consequences to the state of the debate about SARS-CoV-2, as well as other processes that have been affected by the pandemic.
The work should be regarded as an important and extremely valuable source of information for those dealing with processes of creating information, fake news, and their impact on public spheres, as well as for those who want to deepen their knowledge on the subject COVID-19-related infodemic challenges in Poland.

Prof. Magdalena Musiał-Karg, Ph.D.

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    16 sierpnia 2023