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professor Zbigniew Hubicki

professor Zbigniew Hubicki
Vice Dean
Telephone number
+ 48 537 5511
E-mail address
Monday 8-10 a.m.


Pl. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 2/19
20-031 Lublin

Personal information

The scientific subjects I have studied for tens of years include methods of extraction separation of metal ions, chemistry and technology of rare and dispersed elements, technology of preparation of inorganic organic and compounds of high degree of purity as well as technologies of sewage and waste utilization. The methods of ion exchange and extraction separation are closely connected with imorganic chemistry of rare and dispersed elements as well as with the technology of preparation  of high purity inorganic compounds.

Scientific Activity

My scientific activity is focused first of all on physicochemical studies of removal and separation of rare and dispersed elements ions on the chelating ion exchangers of various types, modified ion exchangers, impregnants, sorbents, inorganic ion exchangers, anion exchangers as well as extractants. These studies are of basic and applicative character and their aim is explanation of metal ion sorption (extraction) on new types of ion exchangers, sorbents and extractants. My research achievements connected with this subject cover over 200 papers mostly published in the Philadelphia list journals as well as a few hundred reports and posters presented at national and international conferences (H=28, citations number = about 4000. Besides the cognitive aspects the papers are definitely of applicative character. I am a co-author of 32 patents and patents application, 17 rationalization proposals,  5 technological instructions, 20 elaborations for industry and a few applications ( in elaboration of technology and starting nickel(II) sulfate production for the needs of accumulator and voltaic industries – the scope of NiSO4 · 7H2Oproduction in the Inorganic Industry Plant Permedia was about 1000 tons.

I was a supervisor of 13 doctoral students. I reviewed 67 doctoral theses and 30 habilitation dissertations. I also passed 23 judgments on conferring the title Professor and 13 on the positions of associate professor and full professor. As university teacher I give lectures in Inorganic Chemistry for the students of Chemistry General and Applied Chemistry, Cosmetic Chemistry and Technical Chemistry as well as facultative and monographic ones – As regards the activity on behalf of M. C. Skłodowska University I was a  Vice Dean on behalf of students in the years 1992-1996, a memember of Senate as well as many senate, rector or dean committees. Moreover, I was responsible for elaboration of the strategy for creating the UMCS  Brand Campus in Puławy (the subject of studies: Technical Chemistry) of which  have been the Vice Dean since 2014. I took an active part in organization of various conferences, among others; the Polish National Symposium “Science and industry – spectroscopic methods in practice, now challenges and possibilities” (14 times). For the scientific, didactic and organizational activities I was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit, MEN Medal, award of the Minister for Science and Higher Education, NOT award as well as several prizes awarded by the Rector of Maria Curie Skłodowska University. Besides I was given the title Homo-Didacticus by the students three times for the didactic and educational activities.