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PhD Karolina Burno-Kaliszuk

PhD Karolina Burno-Kaliszuk
assistant professor
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ul. Głęboka 45/A5.57
20-612 Lublin

Personal information

Doctor of social sciences in the field of media sciences, employed at the Department of Journalism at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. A specialist in designing useful solutions and analyzing user requirements, holding IBUQ Foundation Level and Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner certificates.

Her research interests are focused on issues such as mediamorphosis and hybridization of journalistic genres. The research and publications to date are mainly works on the Polish political and journalistic blogosphere.

Scientific Activity


  • 2019 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Blogs are in power. Blogosphere of Polish national weeklies of opinion (2006-2015), Lublin. ISBN: 978-83-227-9245-2 [publication language: Polish]
  • 2013 Burno, K., Blog as a new form of political communication. On the example of blogs of Civic Platform politicians (2004-2010), Toruń, ISBN: 978-83-7780-672-2 [publication language: Polish]

Journal articles

  • 2022 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Melania, Taylor and Kylie in Polish. American celebrities in Polish gossip websites in 2020. "Media - Kultura - Komunikacja Społeczna"18, 185-200. [publication language: Polish]
  • 2021 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Simulacratic Privacy in the Liquid Modernity Media. "Er(r)go. Theory–Literature–Culture" 42, 73-85. [publication language: Polish]
  • 2021 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., The rhetoric of news on Polish gossip websites, "Res Rhetorica" 8(1), 2-23. [publication language: Polish]
  • 2020 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Original strategies for building the sender’s reliability in the polish technology blogosphere on the example of the “Kuba Klawiter” channel on YouTube, “Studia Medioznawcze” 21(2), 583-592. [publication language: Polish and English]
  • 2020 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Crisis news framing in Polish gossip websites, “Zeszyty Prasoznawcze” 3 (243), s. 63-76. [publication language: Polish]
  • 2020 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Tabloidization of court proceedings’ reports on gossip websites, “Media Linguistics” 7, 1: 51-60. [publication language: Russian]

Book chapters

  1. 2022 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Agile Process Model as a Structural Framework for Academic Online Courses (Using the Example of a Project Thinking E-course at the MSCU), in: Innovative Teaching Methods. E-learning in Practice, eds. L. Pokrzycka, B. de Lievre, Lublin 2022. Part of ISBN: 978-83-227-9591-0
  2. 2022 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Didactics as a Forge of Discipline, in: Around the history of (and) communication. A commemorative book dedicated to Professor Włodzimierz Mich on the fortieth anniversary of his research work, eds. J. Nowak, L. Pokrzycka, Lublin, 481-492. Part of ISBN: 978-83-227-9599-6 [publication language: Polish]
  3. 2020 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., "Hot gossip". Adult content on the gossip website, in: Contemporary media. Violence in the media, vol. 1, eds. I. Hofman, D. Kępa-Figura, Lublin, 47-60. Part of ISBN: 978-83-227-9404-3 [publication language: Polish]
  4. 2020 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Let Poland be more innovative. About Polish innovation in the multimedia reportage cycle of "Gazeta Wyborcza", in: Thirty. Poland in reportage. Reportage in Poland after 1989, eds. E. Pawlak-Hejno, M. Piechota, Lublin, 251-266. Part of ISBN: 978-83-227-9344-2 [publication language: Polish]
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  7. 2016 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Do blogs inform? Information function of journalistic blogs of nationwide opinion weeklies, in: Contemporary media. News media, vol. 2, eds. I. Hofman, D. Kępa-Figura, Lublin, 95-106. Part of ISBN: 978-83-7784-800-5 [publication language: Polish]
  8. 2015 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., A twittering party. Twitter in communication of Polish political parties, in: Mediatization of political communication. In the field of political science and media studies, eds. M. Adamik-Szysiak, Lublin. Part of ISBN: 978-83-7784-676-6 [publication language: Polish]
  9. 2014 Burno-Kaliszuk, K., Criticism as an absent value - analysis of the blog Kompromitacje. Przypadki słabości ludzkich (, in: Contemporary media. Media values, vol. 2, eds. I. Hofman, D. Kępa-Figura, Lublin, 21-29. Part of ISBN: 978-83-7784-466-3 [publication language: Polish]
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