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master Andrzej Stawicki

master Andrzej Stawicki
research assistant


Plac Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 4
20-040 Lublin

Personal information

2013 – doctoral studies at the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Marie Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. (Dissertation topic: Institutional change and adaptation strategies at Polish universities. Supervisor: Professor Agnieszka Kolasa-Nowak).

2012 - postgraduate studies statistical data analysis at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

2010 - Master's degree at the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology of the University in Lublin. (Supervisor: Professor Józef Styk)


Research intrests

  • social and institutional changes
  • functional differentiation and adaptability of social systems
  • transformation of the university function and its relationship with the social environmentorganizational learning and the constructivist approach in the sociology of organizations
  • quantitative methods of social research and data analysis
  • methodology of evaluation research and its application in the analysis of public policies
  • civil society and social capital
  • Niklas Luhmann's theory of autopoietic social systems