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Anna Wójcik, PhD

Telephone number
+48 815375065
E-mail address


ul. Akademicka 19 (pokój 0117 B- niski parter koło Muzeum Zoologicznego)
20-033 Lublin

Personal information

My teaching activities are mainly related to the education of students of life sciences, i.e. Biology, Biotechnology, Geography, and Chemistry for the teaching profession.

I run classes (lectures, seminars, laboratory classes) in the following subjects:

  1. pedagogy,
  2. tutoring of teenagers,
  3. basics of didactics,
  4. didactics of life sciences,
  5. pedagogical aspects of occupational practice,
  6. practical aspects of working at school,
  7. voice emission,
  8. soft skills (for students of the Doctoral School of Life Sciences and Sciences

I am a tutor of teacher occupational practice:

  1. vocational training in psychological and pedagogical preparation for second-cycle students of Biology and Biotechnology,
  2. general pedagogic education for first-cycle students of Geography,
  3. vocational training in teaching life sciences in primary school for second-cycle students of Biology and Biotechnology

Since 2020, I have been the Faculty Coordinator of Teacher Education.

Scientific Activity

My research is focused on the determinants and effectiveness of education in life sciences as well as pro-environmental and sustainable development education in formal and informal education systems and in the teacher training system.

Current research issues:

  1. education for sustainable development at various levels of training,
  2. teaching resources in the life science and biology laboratory - from the perspective of teachers and students preparing for the teaching profession,
  3. self-reflection of students training for the occupation of life sciences and biology teachers in terms of measures for achievement of didactic professionalism
  4. preparation of students-future teachers to undertake creative activities